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Townsend is rich in resources for the enjoyment of anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Below are some of the activities that the Townsend area has to offer.








Townsend MT is situated in between the Elkhorn Mountains and the Big Belt mountain ranges. Both offer incredible hunting opportunities, but they are managed very differently. Knowing this difference is crucial to having a successful trip.






Big Belt Mountains

The Big Belt Mountains have a huge number of acres of public ground, mainly forest service, that is huntable for Elk, Mule Deer, and White Tail Deer. Hunters can harvest brow tined bull elk and any sex Whitetail Deer with a general Elk, and Deer license respectively.


Mule Deer require a special permit that must be drawn through an application process. The Mule Deer special permits for this area are unlimited, but if drawn, they limit the hunter to ONLY hunting mule deer in that specific hunting district for that year.



Elkhorn Mountains – Hunting District 380


The Elkhorn Wildlife Management Area (all of Hunting District 380) has the same hunting regulations as the Little Belts for deer, but is very different for elk. Hunters are allowed to harvest Spike Bull Elk with a general Elk License. Branch Antlered Bull Elk are by special permit only.

The number of special permits is very limited, for Branch Bulls, which makes this one of the premier locations in Montana to hunt Bull Elk. If you are lucky enough to draw one of the permits, the hunting is hard, but the rewards could be huge.


Cow Elk permits are also available by special drawing for this area. You can check out the full regulations on the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks website under Hunting district 380.



Canyon Ferry Lake provides some fantastic fishing for both walleye and trout. Their are many marinas around the lake that provide easy access for boats. The Silos is the main boat ramp close to Townsend, but you may also drive around the lake on Hwy 284 to access the lake from Goose Bay or Confederate Gulch.

Ice fishing season is a big hit near the Silos Marina. Just bundle up as it can get very cold.


Hiking and Camping

 With all of the public land surrounding Townsend, camping is a matter of choice. Camping on the shores of Canyon Ferry Lake is a great option for visitors with large campers. For those who like to get a little more remote, there are many camp sites and camp grounds like Duck Creek or Sulphur Bar.

Hiking trails are a great way to see the mountains and get in shape at the same time. Some great trails in the area are the trail up to Edith Lake, and the hike to Crow Creek Falls. Both of these hikes are scenic and are about 7 miles round trip of hiking distance.