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Agriculture is what makes our world go round. Townsend MT ranchers and farmers raise countless varieties of crops from potatoes to wheat, and cattle are fattened on the mountain grasses that surround the Townsend valley.

The Ag world is one of the most overlooked, and revered aspects of American culture. Farming was what brought most of the homesteaders west in the first place. Along with them came the merchants, bankers, and businessmen to supply those pioneer families with what they needed to live.



 The Townsend Area ranchers have become modernized over the last hundred years, now harvesting their crops with large machinery instead of horse drawn implements. That however has not kept the family values, that are associated with that way of life from continuing on.

 Ranchers cannot sustain themselves in this day and age with just the crops that they raise. Higher cattle prices have helped over the past couple of years, but ranches, like the Flynn and Richtmyer ranches have supplimented their ranching income with tourism and outfitting avenues.





 The Townsend area has a very good climate to raise seed for many different crops. This is somewhat due to the cold climate, which limits the number of plant diseases.

Townsend Seeds, for example, buys seed from local farmers to treat and sell again as seed for others. One of their bigger markets is for Barley. Bruce Seed Farm takes advantage of the rich Townsend Soil and norther climate to raise high quality grass seed, and seed potatoes are raised in abundance in areas that are mostly free of rocks.

 Hay production is another of Townsend’s strong agriculture crops. The availability of irrigation water from the Missouri River and the irrigation canal system make it possible to raise quality alfalfa hay that is shipped all over the northwest. The Hahn Ranch is an example of a ranch that has turned much of their productive farm ground into hay production.